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Yoga pad, the best yoga knee pads are here

yoga knee pads

If you’re already practicing yoga or are interested in trying it out, you probably know that yoga is a practice that focuses on meditation and breathing control through a series of poses. These poses are held for a length of time and have you in all sorts of positions. Now, if you’ve suffered from previous joint or muscle pain, don’t become discouraged by this.

There’s definitely a way that you can still practice yoga without having to endure joint pain. Many people have to stop doing what they love because of joint and muscle pain, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. This is where the makers of YogaJellies come in. They designed knee pads that provide you with comfort and stability during your yoga practice.

The makers of YogaJellies wanted to design knee pads for yoga that allows you to practice yoga even more than you thought you could endure.

Why practice yoga?

If you haven’t yet practiced yoga, then here are some of the reasons why you should start practicing it now.

  • Stress Relief

Everyone needs to find a way to relieve stress. Many people listen to music or go to the gym, which can make you actually more tired. Yoga, on the other hand, works the complete opposite way as you go through a number of relaxation poses, making your calmer yet full of energy. Plus, during yoga practice, you’re not able to check your emails or text messages, so, for an hour a day, you get to completely escape from the world.

  • Increases Flexibility

You may not think it, but yoga is great for increasing flexibility due to the spinal twist positions.
Increased flexibility reduces injury because it loosens the muscles.

  • Makes you push your limits

If you’re interested in an activity which can push you mentally and physically, then yoga is a great way to push and push and push. In addition, you can actually see the progress. In months you’ll be able to do a handless handstand.

  • Calm your busy mind

Your mind is racing 100 times a minute. You have to take the kids to their lessons, the plumber is coming tomorrow and you have to take your mom to the doctors – that’s all a part of life. By doing yoga, you’ll be able to transition your mind into a relaxed state of mind and calm your thoughts.

  • Focus on your breathing

Hardly any of us think about our breathing, it comes naturally to us. While focusing on your breathing, it helps to open the lungs and has been shown to help those with asthma. In addition, it’s also used as a method for stress-management.

Yoga equipment you’ll need for your first class of yoga

If this is your first yoga class, there are a couple necessary items other than yoga pads, that you’ll need to make your first class go smoothly. Once you get more into it, you can, of course, add the most advanced accessories to intensify your poses.

  • Clothing

You’ll want to wear comfortable, breathable and stretchable clothing. You’ll want a shirt that’s a little more form fitting so that you’ll be able to go into your poses with ease and your teacher will find your errors with ease. Generally, the traditional yoga outfit is shorts or leggings with a sports bra or workout tank top.

You’ll absolutely need a yoga mat for your first class. Some studios provide you with a mat, but eventually, you’ll want to have your own. You won’t need to buy a premium yoga mat for your first class, an expensive one will do the trick.

  • Blanket

Many studios also provide blankets for their students, however, it’s always nice to have your own. You make think it’s weird to have a blanket, but besides using it for sweat, you can also use it as support during certain poses.

Yoga knee pads are absolutely necessary if you have any joint or muscle pain. There’s no specific “knee pad” for yoga, however, you can use them in any form of yoga. Though they’re called yoga knee pads, you’ll be also able to use them for your hands, elbows, back, and feet. So, where ever you’re feeling pain, you’ll be able to have support and continue through your pose.

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Benefits of YogaJellies

There are so many great benefits of YogaJellie’s yoga pads, take a look below at some of the benefits you’ll be receiving with YogaJellies yoga knee pads.

  • Knee support

Many yoga poses involve using your knees for stability, however, for many people, this can be a huge challenge – especially if you have joint pain. Since many people suffer from knee pain, YogaJellies provides instant pain relief and support to help alleviate or completely eliminate knee pain. Your knees will be happy.

  • Wrist support

Putting all your weight on your wrists can cause great discomfort. So, instead, YogaJellie’s pads assist in increasing wrist flexibility and strength as well as supporting your body’s weight on your wrists. It will also alleviate pain and help you successfully complete your pose – pain-free.

  • Ankle and arch support

Many people suffer from flat feet or collapsed arches which can affect the way you go through your pose. If you’re having issues keeping your feet grounded, YogaJellies pads will help in creating stability.

  • Hip support

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, that can really do a number on your hips. The lack of movement can cause them to stiffen and your hip flexors and hamstring muscles to tighten. Yoga helps to stretch your hip muscles, strengthen and repair any damaged caused from sitting. YogaJellies works by providing support and removing your contact with the ground to relieve lower back pain.


Before you throw your yoga mat away and hang up your leggings, you have to give YogaJellies a try. So, if you’re feeling any joint pain, then take out your YogaJellies and sigh in relief. Click here and buy yours


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