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Wrist Widget Review

If you are an athlete, then you are probably familiar with a wrist brace. This is made of garment that is worn right around an injured wrist in order to keep it protected and to allow for it to be fully healed. The brace comes in different types, but it is pretty much used for the same purpose which is for injury rehabilitation concerning the wrist or the arm.

Aside from athletes, several other people may also be required to wear the brace, including those who are suffering from an injury or pain in their wrist area. The brace helps to keep the joint immobilized while providing compression and heat to the ligaments and bones.

One particular wrist support that you might encounter is the Wrist Widget. This device is designed specifically for people who are suffering from a pain in the ulnar sided wrist that is associated with grip, rotation as well as weight bearing.

What is Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain?

As mentioned, the device is designed for those who have ulnar sided wrist pain or injury on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex. So you may ask, what is this condition all about? This condition has been associated with lower back pain due to its insidious onset, as well as vague and chronic nature along with intermittent symptoms. This condition may also bring frustration to the patient suffering from it.

The injury on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex affects the ulnar or the little finger. Mild injuries of this type of condition are also known as the sprain. The soft tissues of our arms are complex and they need to work together in order to stabilize the joint. Disruption of this area as a result of injury could cause more than a sprain on the wrist and as such, a brace is needed. The brace will immobilize your arm, allowing the scar tissues to be fully healed.

Benefits of Wearing a Wrist Widget

The device is mainly designed to treat the ulnar sided wrist pain as a result of a tear on TFCC or the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex. This device is said to be used by more than 400,000 patients all over the world and has been proven to be very effective. It features a Velcro closure mechanism so it will not interfere with your motion nor get weakened when used.

The main purpose of the product is to hold your arm in place securely without causing pain, irritation and discomfort to the wrist joint or to the skin. It is made from a non-elastic material that will mold comfortably on your arm when worn. There is no compression that comes with the ulnar head when using the brace and this is the key component for a comfortable use. Unlike other types of support, the Wrist Widget is very comfortable and convenient to use, allowing you to fully recover from the pain and injury.

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What Customers Say About the Product

If you are doubtful about the Wrist Widget, then find out what customers who have tried using it, have to say about it.

  • One customer was at first skeptical about the idea of using the brace, yet, he confessed that this device had such a great impact on his life. By looking at the product on Amazon, he thought that it is just like any elastic band that is a bit pricey. But when he finally decided to give it a try, he realized that it is not like any typical elastic band out there.

The brace comes attached with two separate straps that can increase and decrease the pressure, depending on what you prefer. He finds it very comfortable to use and that he believes that the Wrist Widget is way better than other cheaper brands. He also likes the fact that the brace has minimal surface area and thus, the loss of blood flow will be minimized even when applied with a great amount of pressure.

  • A customer who suffered from an injury on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex can also attest that the Wrist Widget has truly provided him the support that he needed, with less amount of restriction. He said that people who have the same condition can understand how frustrating it is to have to deal with the pain and it is for this reason why he appreciates the product a lot. It helped him a lot and he recommends the product to everyone who has been suffering from the same condition.
  • Another user of Wrist Widget, who had sustained injury on his job waiting tables at a restaurant, has admitted that the device has certainly helped him a lot. By wearing it, he’s able to do pushups without having to feel any pain and he can pretty much do anything he wants to do now, so he is now back to his job. Another great thing that he loves about the product is that it will not inhibit your movement since it can be adjusted depending on how much weight you will have to bear.

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Most of the feedback and reviews about Wrist Widget are positive. This proves that the product is truly effective, especially for those who are suffering from ulnar sided wrist pain. You might find that this product is more expensive than other braces out there, but that is because this device is not like your typical wrist brace. It is created for a purpose and that is to treat those that have injuries on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex or TFCC.

If you have been feeling pain all throughout your entire arm area, then you could be suffering from an injury on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex. The pain can also be made worse by any activity or position that will require rotating and moving your forearm towards the ulnar directions. Even as simple as opening a doorknob can be painful if you have this condition. Thus, if you are working, then your work can be greatly affected. If you want your suffering to come to an end, invest on good wrist support!

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