Generally wrist pain can lead to sprains or fractures if the pain is very intense. If the pain lasts for many days then it can cause repetitive stress, carpel tunnel syndrome tunnel or arthritis. As there can be many factors which cause the pain in the writs it is essential to opt for a diagnosis to know the real cause which is the culprit behind the wrist pain that lasts for long. Diagnosis of the wrists is important as it can decide the kind of treatment based on the severity of the pain.

Wrist PainWhat are the symptoms associated with wrist pain?

Wrist Pain can develop one or more of the symptoms discussed below as it can affect the cartilage, tendons, muscles and bones in the wrist area. They are:

•    Pain in the wrist bone
•    Weakness feel in the muscles
•    Inflammation along with a reddish look
•    Hot sensation in the inflamed region
•    Decrease in the mobility of wrists
•    Pains extends to finger, shoulder or arm
•    Tenderness in the area of pain in the wrist
•    The deformity in the wrist is clearly visible
•    Lumps formation in and around the wrists
•    Feeling of numbness or tingling sensation in the wrist
•    The swelled wrist area is discolored
•    Unusual sensation in the hands
•    High fever with wrist pain (more than 101 degree F)

Causes of wrist pain

Your wrist comprises of a complex joint that features about 8 small bones which have a two row arrangement, which is found in between the forearm bones and the bones in the hand. Strong and sturdy ligament bands connect the wrist bones with each other and these bands coordinate with the forearm and bones in the hand. This is because the tendons can attach to the bone muscles and any kind of damage to the wrists can inflict pain and would prevent you from using your hands and wrists. The various causes of Wrist Pain are discussed below.

Sudden impact

Wrist injuries might occur when you fall down with an outstretched hand. Such a fall can have huge impact on the bone near the thumb, which is connected to the wrist. However such an injury would not surface immediately in an x ray image.

Repeated stress

When you are involved in performing an activity which needs you to perform repetitive motions using your hands, such as hitting the ball in tennis or playing a cello with a bow, then it can cause inflammation in the tissues that are located at the joints of the wrist, increase the fracture possibility in the wrist bones as you tend to perform such actions for many hours without taking a break.


This is yet another cause of the wrist pain. Osteoarthritis in the wrist is not a common issue as it occurs only among those who have suffered a wrist injury in the past. This condition occurs when the cartilage gets obsolete owing to the serious wear and tear, thereby failing to provide a cushion like comfort to the bone. The recurring pain at the thumb finger’s base would be triggered by osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is yet another condition where the body attacks its tissues owing to the faulty immune system. If the wrist of one hand is affected due to this issue, it would also affect the other wrist too.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome occurs when the median nerve experiences constant pressure through the carpal tunnel which is present at the side of your wrist near the palm.

Ganglion cysts

These are cysts that are found on the soft tissues in your body and most probably they occur above the wrists or opposite to your palm. These cysts which are smaller in size can cause too much pain in the body when compared to bigger ones.

These are some of the causes of wrist pain that you must be aware of, to avoid all kinds of complications, if left unattended in a long term.