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Wrist Soreness from Boxing Training and Martial Arts

If you have just started the martial art training, then you might be facing problems related to wrist pains. In fact, most of the people face this problem in the beginning as nobody is used to punching heavy bags in general. But, it is not a good idea to quit the martial arts lessons. Rather, you should try to look for ways to ease your pain. In this article, first we discuss what the causes of the pain are and after that, we come to the remedies. Read on if you want to go for boxing training and martial arts lessons.

Wrist Pain from Boxing Training and Martial ArtsMain Causes

Repetitive Injury on the Same Point

Chances are there that your wrists are paining because you got it hit on the same spot again and again.The bad part about this kind of injury is that it would take a lot of time to heal and what is even worse is that it would not be noticeable till it reaches an extreme state.

Bad or Incorrect Techniques

If you don’t know whether you are working on the right technique or not, it is advisable to contact a professional and work under his guidance. In case the wrist pain occurs to you suddenly, be sure that it is due to bad technique only. In boxing training and martial arts, the importance of right technique is very much and you should always keep this in mind.

Remedies for Carpal Pain from Boxing Training and Martial Arts

If your wrists hurt, stop hitting the heavy bag and give them time to heal. You just have to wait for some time till everything gets normal, your wrists and hands do not pain much and once everything is fine, you have to start it again. But this time, make sure you have all the arrangements. Some of the remedies have been provided below which would help you to take care of your wrists while taking the boxing training:

Use Wraps for your Hands

Do not take this tip lightly. Using a wrap on your hands is not going to hurt you in any manner, neither would it affect your training. Hence, you are advised to wrap your hands as and when possible. If you want to show off, you can do it later but for the time when you are still a novice, never ignore the importance of wrist wraps.
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Use straight punches

The experts recommend that little boys start with learning straight punches first and then move on to the hooks when they become proficient in the straight punches. If you want to start from the uppercuts and think that straight punches are very easy, you might be wrong and you might hurt your wrists badly. You cannot learn everything in the blink of an eye, spend time on learning so that results are good afterwards.

Power is not important but Technique is

You might think that technique does not matter at all. All you have to do is to punch the bag with great power and it would be fine. But this is not so, if the technique is not right then no matter how much power you apply, you would never get the desired results.

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