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Why the symptoms and treatments are similar for Wrist Pain and DeQuervain’s Disease?

Before directly getting into the symptoms and treatments of Wrist Pain and DeQuervain’s Disease, you must learn about the similarities of these two wrist issues. Wrist pains might occur from any causes and DeQuervain’s Disease is just one of the major reasons. DeQuervain’s Disease relates to such a wrist pain condition which involves the inflammation of the wrist side tendons located at thumb base. This disease is also quite painful and causes tremendous swelling with lots of unwanted inflammation. In some extreme cases, the patients suffering from this particular wrist disease are recommended for surgeries by the expert physicians. The pain created from this disease can also be sometimes compared with the arthritis pain and thus you can also approach to any arthritic specialist for diagnosing and treating the same.

Wrist Pain and DeQuervain's DiseasePotential treatments for DeQuervain’s Disease

•    You can approach to any specialist doctor so that by means of following the valuable recommendations and suggested treatments, tendons can be easily healed by thumb and wrist immobilizing.  Brace or splint is suggested in some cases for keeping the wrist in absolutely straight position. Anti-inflammatory and pain alleviating medicines are also recommended by the physician at times that can be very much useful in catering quickest and instant results in this regard. The tendons can be effectively healed by means of catering cold packs for alleviating swelling and heat application for stiffness. In case OTC medicines fail, the doctors generally prescribe for corticosteroid injections and they are mainly injected exact at the painful areas and help in the effective reduction of swelling to a great extent.

•    Different kinds of physiotherapist or physical therapies concentrating on the wrist tendons need to be practiced thoroughly and sincerely on a regular basis as per the recommendations of the doctors or physical therapists as these therapies are very much useful for making the tendons more flexible and increase the mobility as a result of which the swelling reduces faster along with the quickest vanishing of the unwanted wrist pain. The wrist exercises are helpful in reducing the stress of wrist muscles and tendons.

•    Surgery is considered as the last or final stage, which is mainly recommended in extreme cases when the tendons are in severe conditions, but if you take good care of the same from the very beginning, then you can easily avoid this critical surgery. But before the conduction of the surgery, the patients must be under strict observations of the doctors and must certain preparations by means of consuming different types of medications as being prescribed. The approximate recovery timing of this surgery must be in between 4 to 6 months.

•    You can also use different types of homemade solutions or remedies for the same. You can also adopt healthy lifestyles for getting quicker alleviation of tendon pain of your wrist.

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