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A Resting hand splint that reduces the pain?

A resting hand splint is a device used to support your joints in order to help ease the pain and inflammation on your hands. This device is very useful for people who have been suffering from the very painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or those who suffer from a period of discomfort on the joints and require the need to rest the hands for a short period of time during the day and night. Furthermore, the splint is often made from a molded thermoplastic material and is fitted with a Velcro fastening strap. It is sometimes custom made by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, but there are also several of them that you can purchase easily now, especially on Amazon. And if you are looking for the best brand to buy, then read this review of two of the best brands in the market.

Our Choice: SoftPro Resting Hand Splint

This resting hand splint from SoftPro is capable of treating moderate contractures of the wrist, hand and thumb. It has a well built construction that allows for the easy amendment without the use of heat or tools even at the most difficult thumb to fit. It is easily adjustable as well and can work for ulnar and radial deviation.

The SoftPro features an extra long wrist strap that helps to maintain proper position when applying a gentle stretch on the device. The straps are color coded which helps to facilitate in the brace application and for staff training. It is made of an antibacterial covering fabric which helps to minimize any body odor. It also includes an extra cover just in case the current cover needs to be replaced. It also comes with a separate finger separator.

Customers who have tried using the product have been very satisfied with the device. One customer bought it as a means to aid his wife’s left hand due to stroke and he is pleased that his wife did not have a hard time adjusting the product since it can be bent to adjust the flexion of the fingers and thumb. It also includes a soft and thick padding that adds extreme comfort.
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LMB Air-Soft Resting Hand Splint
The LMB Air Soft hand splint is another brand that is worth checking out. The product is well capable of supporting the wrist, fingers and thumb in a fully functional resting position, by means of simply adjusting the wrist and the thumb. LMB Air Soft is made of a malleable aluminum frame which allows for a static progressive splinting. Furthermore, the support is lined with a self wicking liner which helps in controlling the perspiration.

The device is ideal for post surgery and post injury positioning and it features finger flexor and wrist drop tightness. It comes equipped with a soft padding that surrounds the metal frame of the support in order to provide maximum comfort and protection to the wearer.

The LMB Air Soft hand splint is among the products at Amazon that have gained quite a lot of positive reviews. One customer, who got the product for a relative who had a stroke and the finger tendons were shortening, has mentioned that the device has helped to keep her fingers stretched out. Furthermore, he pointed out that what they really love about the product is the fact that it can be bent in such a way that it conforms to the shape that you want, thus, giving you so much comfort. So if you are thinking of buying a resting hand splint, whether it’s for your own use or for a family member or a relative, the two brands above are highly recommended.
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