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What do you know about Carpus Pain – Treatment?

Wrist pain is a very common condition which may occur due to many reasons. It may be temporary or permanent. The common reasons are arthritis, swelling, injury, bruising, fractures etc. As there are causes the cure is also available. A person may be relieved if practice some of them.


If a person is suffering from acute wrist pain, then one must first rest it so than the joint is localized and there is no motion of the wrist. Immediate help must be taken. One must call an expert for this. It may be due to fracture or a dislocation which require quick help.

Wrist Pain TreatmentIf there is any kind of swelling one must apply ice on the affected area for about 20 min. This process should be repeated 4-5 times a day. One thing should be always kept in mind to keep the wrist above the heart level. Medicines should be taken after proper recommendation only.


Injuries are of different types. They may be mild or severe. They are divided according to their severity.

1.    Ligament stretch takes place with no tearing. These are mild injuries.

2.    Ligaments torn partially in which splint is required to stabilize the wrist. This is a moderate injury.

3.    In this the ligaments are torn completely which is known as a severe injury and proper care is to be taken.

These injuries may make the joint weak and may lead to arthritis even.

To get relief during such injuries you must use splints which reduce pain and localize the affected area. You may also apply ice as directed above. Medicinal help can also be taken in such cases.


Arthritis is a common disease which aims at the wrist. It is painful and swelling occurs over the area. It is advisable that surgery must be done. The hand is dependent on wrist for most of its activity so an affected wrist means a useless hand.

At first synovitis is treated medically. If it doesn’t work, tendons are prevented from rupturing through surgery. The arthritis must not be ignored otherwise it may reach to its advance stage.


Swelling, redness, pain are all symptoms of infections. It may also be due to insect bite or other skin problems. In such cases immediate medical treatment is required otherwise it may spread and affect seriously.


There are some important activities that we may perform to reduce pain and gain strength. Flexibility and movement can also be increased by the following:

•    Warm up the wrist by a warm cloth or pad for 10-12 min.

•    After this, keep your wrist flat and hold the fingers with the other hand. Press them gently to bring them back. This must be carried for about 30 seconds.

•    Let the wrist relax for a minute and then repeat the same for 4-5 times.

•    Now bend the wrist to the opposite side for the same time. Relax it and repeat for about 5 times.

•    If it feels uncomfortable and painful after exercising use ice to comfort the wrist.

•    The exercise must be carried out two times a day.

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