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What are The Many Causes? A deeper look into the root problems

Wrists are an important part of our body. The modern lifestyle is incomplete without spending a considerable time of the day on the computer. However, activities such as typing and clicking all day long might produce pain in the wrists. Apart from that, activities such as playing tennis or badminton in which the same part of the wrist is stretched again and again might also be a cause for wrist pain. The various causes which might lead to wrist pain or some other kind of pain in the hands have been discussed here:


The wounds might be caused suddenly due to injury or due to some internal problems. Wrist wounds regularly happen when you fall forward onto your outstretched hand. This can result in sprains, strains and even cracks. A scaphoid crack includes a bone on the thumb side of the wrist. This sort of crack may not appear on X-beams instantly taking after the damage. But this is one of the major causes of wrist pain.

The Many Causes of Wrist PainSome kind of Anxiety

Any movement that includes redundant wrist movement, from hitting a tennis ball or bowing a cello to driving cross-country, can aggravate the tissues around joints and cause pain in the wrists. This type of pain usually happens when you perform a task without a break. For example, you might type a 30 page letter to the employees in your Company without even 5 minutes of break.

Joint inflammation

Join inflammation occurs in the case of osteoarthritis. The bones and the joints might become very weak and it might be impossible for the wrists to bear pain. However, this kind of problem does not happen with everyone. The people who have harmed their wrists previously have higher chances of such kind of issues.

Rheumatoid joint inflammation is one variant of the joint inflammation, which is even more dangerous. However, this kind of pain is common these days. And, the researchers have come up with a nice solution for this kind of pain – the wrist bands. You just have to tie a wrist band on your wrist and the rheumatoid joint inflammation would be gone.

Different illnesses and conditions

There are various kinds of illness and conditions that might lead to wrist pain and the major one among them is the Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is one such syndrome, which causes wrist pain severely. Carpal tunnel is a passage in the palm of the humans and the Carpal tunnel syndrome creates when there’s expanded weight on the nerves of the tunnel.

Ganglion Sores

These are pimple like in appearance and they occur on the reverse side of the palms where the wrist just starts. The smaller ganglion sores might cause more pain as compared to the bigger ones. The tissues of the hand might be affected in such a situation. The best way to cure wrist pain in such a situation would be to consult a doctor and get a medication prescribed by him.

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