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What Are The Exercises That Will Prevent Or Reduce Wrist Strain?

Various experts have researched on the subject and have come up with various exercises which would help you to reduce wrist pain. You should try the exercises mentioned here, but in case you do not see any difference within a few days, it would be a nice option to consult a therapist and ask for his advice on what to do. Also, make sure that you do the exercise slowly and do not force anything, otherwise the results would be negative instead.

Anytime, if you feel that your condition is getting worsened due to a particular exercise, it would be good if you stop doing that exercise and try something else instead. In case you are following some medication, ask your doctor if you can start a particular exercise along with that medication, since some combinations produce side effects.

Exercises To Prevent Or Reduce Wrist PainWrist expansion and flexion

This exercise is particularly easy to do. In the beginning, you would have to place your lower arm on a table on a rolled up towel or a soft cushion such that the hand is hanging down from the edge of the table, and make sure that your palms are facing down. Then, start by moving the hand and keep it moving upward until you feel a tender stretch. Try to remain in that position for some time and then return to the beginning position.  If possible, repeat the same movements with the elbow bowed at your side and palm facing up.

Wrist supination/pronation

This exercise could be done in a sitting as well as a standing position. Stand or sit with your arm at your side with the elbow bowed to 90 degrees, palm facing down. Rotate your lower arm, so that your palm faces up and later on, when the rotation is complete, it faces down. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like throughout the day.

Wrist ulnar/spiral deviation

This exercise is also very easy and you can do it anywhere. In the office, when you feel that you cannot take any more pains, just take a small break and perform this exercise. Your pain would be gone. Support your lower arm on a table on a rolled up towel. If you do not have the equipment, you can use your knee as the cushion. Move the wrist all over as wide as you can.

Thumb flexion/augmentation

Begin with your thumb situated outward. Move the thumb over the palm and again to the beginning position. This exercise could also be done anywhere and anytime. You can either do it in your leisure time or when you take a break in the office. If you are comfortable, you can also do it sitting in the cafeteria.

Hand/finger tendon float

Start with the fingers stretched straight out. Start making by clenches and when you are tired, return to the beginning position and take a break.

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