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What are the Best Brands of Wrist Guard in the Market?

From the name itself, a wrist guard is a device that keeps your wrist protected. Usually, this is used for snowboarding, skateboarding, gymnastics, and several different kinds of sports. These are also being worn by people who had their wrist or arm injured either due to sports or some accidents. Usually, if a person will fall forward, the immediate response is to stretch their hands in front of them in order to break the fall and by doing so, they end up hurting their wrist. It is for this reason why athletes would wear a wrist guard.

Basically, this is used to prevent such injury from happening. Usually, it is made of curved plastic splint. The splint prevents the hand from hitting the ground, thereby reducing any risk of injury.

These days, you will find that there are lots of wrist guards that are being sold in the market, most especially on Amazon. Here are some of the best brands that you may want to check out.

Our Choice: Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

Mueller is among the most comfortable braces that you can wear for your wrist. The best thing about this product is that it can fit even the most slender hands and wrists. It is made of a breathable fabric that is lightweight and is definitely very comfortable to use all day. Mueller comes with two adjustable straps for a custom fit design and it also includes two support stays and a padding right around the spoon.

This brace is specifically designed for those who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. In case you didn’t know, this is an arm and hand condition that will cause numbness in the arms and trigger a tingling sensation as well. With the help of Mueller, you will feel more comfortable in doing tasks that involve your hands. But aside from carpal tunnel syndrome, the device can also be used as a support for injured and weak wrists.

Just to prove that Mueller is truly functional, a customer who had suffered from carpal tunnel has decided to buy this brace. She was happy that it fits well perfectly for her, despite her being petite and has much smaller arms than most people. It provided ample support to her arms and she believes it will do the same thing for you, too!

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EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard
The EvoShield keeps your sore and injured wrists as well as bruised forearms fully guarded. Whether it is due to bad hops, wild pitches or hard grounders, the EvoShield is certainly the best protection that your arm needs.

It features a custom molding wrist shield that disperses impact instead of absorbing it in order to provide utmost protection to your arm, even better than a plastic padding and traditional foam. It features a breathable neoprene sleeve that could accommodate a ¼-inch thin shield in place and provides tape like compression at the same time. EvoShield is available in various sizes, from small to extra large, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, too.

A lot of customers on Amazon are satisfied with this product. In fact, one of them referred to EvoShield as a very cool invention and that this is a must have for catchers and infielders. He got it for his son since he needed protection against cleats when making tags and it did work perfectly for him when it comes to protecting his forearms from bad hops.

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Wellgate for Women PerfectFit Wrist Support
If you are in need of a wrist support for females, then the Wellgate is definitely the perfect choice. This product is perfectly designed for ladies who have much smaller arms than men. It has a sleek and slim fit design and can be worn under a woman’s clothing.

Wellgate can be used for various purposes. Aside from relieving the pain in your arms as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, the device can also be used as a guard for strained and sprained arms. It is made of memory foam that is soothing to the skin. It has a super soft fabric that provides excellent support and extreme comfort. This wrist guard can also be used when working longer at a computer and when sleeping.

One of those who have tried the Wellgate has confessed that this has been the best she had bought so far. She had tried several other braces in the past, but the Wellgate is the best of them all. It is ideal for the right hand and is made out of a very soft fabric that she finds it so comforting to wear. She also loves the slim design, which is perfect for small women like her.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Wrist Wrap

Bracoo is also another brand of wrist guard that you might encounter in Amazon, and this one is one of the best as well. For one, it could be stretched to four directions, providing comfortable compression and the utmost support to your stressed and weak wrist. Furthermore, this brace helps in the fast recovery of acute and chronic injury and keeps your wrist protected against any kind of injury. Bracoo is made from a latex free neoprene material and a breathable fabric, providing you with extra comfort and support and prevents any kind of skin irritation.

Aside from athletes, several people have been using Bracoo and in fact, one customer would wear the brace during her yoga sessions. She had suffered from a pain in her wrists that even doing simple poses could make her gyrate in pain. She mentioned that it could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, which she used to have in the past. That’s when she decided to purchase the Bracoo wrist wrap. It provided a very nice and subtle support on her arm and she’s happy that she can now flex her wrists without feeling any pain at all.

So these are the four best brands of wrist guards that you may want to consider buying if you need a brace or a protection for your injured arms or wrists.

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