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The Top 3 wrist braces for carpal tunnel

As an active individual, whether it is in regards to your work/profession and/or frequently participating in athletic, it is important that you properly maintain the health of your hands/wrists. When consistent pressure is applied to your hands it can cause medical problems that have long-term implications.
No one plans to endure injuries to their hand at all. With that being said, it is important to understand the options you have available if you ever have to experience joint/nerve/tendon damage to your wrists and hands.

Developing carpal tunnel in your hand can happen over time. What may seem like regular numbness in your hand(s) can seem like a temporary feeling that you shrug off for the time being. All because it may not seem like a major problem at the moment does not mean that you should ignore it.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel include tingling, weakness, and numbness in your hand. This is a result of pressure affecting your tendons that connect to your forearm and hand in addition to the median nerve. What we know as the median nerve is what controls all feeling and movement in three of your fingers (excluding your pinky and thumb).

While there are a variety of ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to know that you have the options available. Depending upon how serious the pain/syndrome may be, It could require two different types of surgery.

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery provides the quickest recovery time and smaller scars. However, there is a chance that you could need another surgery down the line. Open carpal tunnel release surgery has a longer recovery time (on average) and leaves bigger scars as well. Nonetheless, the complications are less than an endoscopic carpal tunnel.

In the best case scenario that your level of carpal tunnel syndrome is not bad enough to require surgery, you are capable of wearing a brace(s) for carpal tunnel. These braces are designed to specifically help relieve stress in your wrist(s) on a daily basis. Whether you are simply relaxing at home or on the job, it is important to know that you can prevent further damage and carpal tunnel symptoms.

This article will cover three of the best braces for carpal tunnel on the market today. Each brand and brace all have their similarities and unique features. Here are three affordable braces that we think will be beneficial for you to own if you are experiencing carpal tunnel.

M BRACE RCA – HEAVY DUTY –Carpal Tunnel Treatment Wrist Support (Regular, Black)

The M Brace RCA is one of the most innovative braces for carpal tunnel on the market today. Not only does it serve its purpose greatly, but it also comes with great features. The wrist brace is available in two different colors (black or beige) and is quite stylish for those who don’t want to have it seem like an unflattering accessory. One brace comes with each package so if you would like to purchase one of each color for your wrist or mix and match for both of your wrists… that is completely up to your discretion.
This carpal tunnel wrist brace is very light in weight, which helps with comfort even when you are active. It is important that you understand how important your every day hand(s)/wrist(s) mobility should not be compromised by a brace(s) that also helps prevent further damage at the same time. As a patented physician developed wrist brace, medical professionals have taken great consideration all of the possibilities and needs an individual will endure while wearing it.

The M Brace RCA has helped many individuals suffering carpal tunnel syndrome heals appropriately in addition to minimizing daily pain and aches. Individuals/patients whom have utilized this wrist brace early on have been able to prevent the need of surgical treatments being needed.

Each wrist brace is designed to be as comfortable as possible for any user. Included with each brace includes foam insert pads that desire extra comfort and/or have sensitive skin. It is very beneficial for you to know that the development of M Brace RCA taken into consideration everything that individuals with carpal tunnel endure on a daily basis.

As a wrist brace you can wear all day and all night (whichever is applicable to your needs), you can depend on this brace at any time. Over time, with proper and consistent use, your wrist will be able to heal itself appropriately.

Think of this brace for being exactly what you need it to be as a support for your wrist. The M Brace RCA fits exactly like a regular watch does! When putting the brace on, you simply make your hand into a closed fist (comfortable enough to wear it does not hurt) first and wrap the strap around your wrist. After this step, the next step is to simply insert the strap around your wrist just like a watch. Be cautious to not over-tighten the strap as it could cause more implications to your wrist.

DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace (M-L) RIGHT HAND – Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, and Arthritis Pain

When one thinks of carpal tunnel wrist braces there are a variety of styles and options available for anyone to use. Whether you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and continue to apply pressure on your wrist(s) for work or casual use, the perfect fit for you depends upon your preference/discretion.

The DP2 BioSkin 6-inch Wrist Brace not only supports individuals with carpal tunnel pain, but also arthritis pain, and tendonitis as well. With each syndrome being closely related to each other, it is highly beneficial to realize how dependable this specific brace can be for you.

This wrist brace is extremely comfortable to wear on a daily basis! As a lightweight brace, individuals who are athletes (or simply participates in regular sports activities) have found great benefits of wearing it on a daily basis.  While many professional sports teams have fully shared their great experiences with the brace, anyone can use it. The brace is designed with micro-fleece material that is very smooth and easy to wear throughout an entire day/night.

With its open sleeve design and no laces, users are capable of being able to fully function with their fingers at all times. Instead, there are easy hook and loop applications that anyone of all age groups can easily utilize on a daily basis. The removable dorsal and palmar stays are highly raved in a positive light by users. While there is no one size fits all (in regards to comfort for individuals) the stays adjustable to where you can perfectly fit your wrist(s) exactly how you want the brace(s) to.

One brace is sold per pack and comes in a variety of 6 sizes that are fitting depending upon your specific needs.

Extra Small – Small (Left)
Medium – Large (Left)
Extra Large – Double Extra Large (Left)
Extra Small – Small (Right)
Medium – Large (Right)

Extra Large – Double Extra Large (Right)

Another feature that makes this brace unique is the actual fitting design. While the brace allows for users to function their hand(s)/wrist(s), it also focuses on its main purpose… healing your wrist from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and/or sprain pain. The brace has a slight profile in limiting motion in the wrist area only to provide the best stability possible. With this design in mind, users are able to function their hand(s) and wrist(s) appropriately without putting much pressure on the areas that would cause even more pain than normal.

Mueller Fitted Right Wrist, Black, Small/Medium

Many carpal tunnel wrist brands/manufactures focus on providing braces for both left and right hands. However, there are some that focus heavily on both sides as individuals have different predominate hands. In this case, Mueller (the brand/manufacturer for this carpal tunnel brace) fully understands how customizable wrist braces for users are.

This specific brace is for the right wrist (although there is also a left brace available as well, but sold separately). You have the option to purchase one or two, in sizes small and/or medium at your discretion. The Mueller Fitted Right Wrist brace is designed with adjustable straps that you can adjust at your discretion. As a sleeve type brace, you are capable of using your fingers without any obstruction of healing your wrist at all.

Many users have left positive reviews in regards to its comfort level, which is true. Its soft fabric allows for individuals to wear the brace all day (and night if applicable) around without any discomfort at all. The material is also light in weight and allows for the mobility of your wrist/hand to be fairly easy. Whether you are casually wearing it at home or at work, one thing you do not have to worry about is feeling as if you cannot use your right hand at all.

One unique feature that this wrist brace has is containing antimicrobial treatment. Now that may seem like some astronomical unnecessary piece of material, but you will definitely appreciate its purposes. The antimicrobial treatment job is to prevent, control, and eliminate any foul odor that could come with wearing the brace for an extended amount of time. The antimicrobial treatment also controls/eliminates bacteria that cause product deterioration.

With all of the features and benefits listed above, there is one more that many users have appreciated overall. This Mueller Fitted Right Wrist brace is also made from latex free recycled materials! As a green product that supports the use of recycled material and still delivering on the healing/stability of carpal tunnel syndrome is quite an amazing development to have created.
At the end of the day carpal tunnel is a serious injury that should be taken as such. One misconception that many individuals seem to experience is that the symptoms of carpal tunnel are not as serious in the beginning. It is normal to experience a slight numbness in your hands. Typically we consider it as our hand(s) fell asleep, which is usually temporary. When it happens too often, carpal tunnel usually reaches a level that may require surgery and/or medication.

On a daily basis everyone understands how important it is to have full control of their hands and wrists are. While it is easy to assume that no one takes for granted his or her hands, it is also pretty easy to overlook something that seems normal. Simple symptoms such as temporary loss of feeling in your hand can seem as if it is not a big problem at all. Small nerve damage in your hands and wrists over time can cause permanent damage that may be irreversible.

We all understand that surgery and health insurance can be costly expenses. For individuals who may be unable to afford the latter expenses, it is definitely vital for them to realize that there are other more cost efficient options. The best brace for carpal tunnel is a subjective opinion that you can choose at your discretion. Each brace on this list has its unique features, specifications, and sizes beneficial for many consumers to choose and use for healing carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are an active individual that use your hands on a consistent basis, it is important that you pay close attention to them. As your hands may be essential for your job (and on a normal basis) the last thing that you should want to experience is any major problem. If you begin to experience these symptoms, it is advised that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.
These braces that we have recommended are tried and true. Figuring out the best wrist brace for your specific situation can help you in the long run. Wearing a carpal tunnel brace(s) will not only help you in the short term, but overall as the healing process continues. Each brace has been used, evaluated and well received by numerous customers. As the old saying goes “it is better to fix the problem now rather than later” is applicable to your wrist(s).

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