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The best right wrist brace picks by us: right hand special

It’s very common in today’s society for people to suffer from wrist pain. Repetitive activities such as typing specific sports can aid in chronic wrist pain. These repetitive movements cause your joints to swell and your muscles to inflame – trust us, it’s no fun. Since you use your wrist for all your daily activities, you’ll need to support your wrist.

With a proper wrist brace, it will reduce the pain by immobilizing the joint and keep the wrist in a fixed position, when you’re doing repetitive tasks or activities. Many wrist supports are designed to be ambidextrous, however, the ones we’ll be reviewing are specifically  right-hand wrist braces. If you’re wondering how right-hand wrist braces work, they function almost as a splint. They immobilize the wrist and remove the extra pressure that’s on it. In addition, they provide extra heat to the wrist, to further aid in reducing the inflammation and pain. By restricting the wrist from moving, it allows the joints and tendons to heal. We’re going to take a look at two types of wrist braces on the market: Futuro Energizing Wrist Support and the DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support. Let’s take a closer look.


Futuro Energizing Wrist Support

The Futuro Energizing Wrist Support Right Hand is a right-handed wrist brace that helps relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. Designed specifically for the right-hand, it has three adjustable straps to provide you with a customized fit and to receive optimal support. The great thing about this right-hand wrist support is that it’s designed ergonomically so that it allows your hand to move freely for daily activities such as writing and typing. Many wrist braces on the market are great for immobilizing the wrist, however, they don’t keep in mind that at the end of the day, you will still need to use your hand for everyday activities.
In addition, many people complain about their wrist braces smelling bad or creating too much excess moisture. With this right-hand wrist brace, it’s designed to give you a slim fit, with the breathable and soft material, so that you can wear this brace all day if intended. When looking for a right-hand wrist brace, it’s really important that you purchase one that provides compression onto your wrist. This is essential for reducing the swelling in the joint and the inflammation in the tendons. Futuro Energizing Right-Hand Wrist Support provides a soft energizing compression to the wrist while aiding in stabilization. These right-hand wrist braces come in various sizes, ranging from x-small to x-large, so you can receive the proper support needed for your wrist. Just be careful when ordering this wrist brace – make sure it’s for the right wrist!


DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support

The DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support is designed to help those who are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprains, and strains. It’s velcro straps helps you to adjust the level of support and comfort on your wrist. It’s crucial to make sure that your right-hand wrist brace is anatomically correct on your wrist to optimize support. The DonJoy wrist support actually comes with a removable aluminum palmer stay which is contoured in designed to help control wrist flexion. When people are looking for a wrist brace, ideally they want to wear one which is lightweight and doesn’t overly restrict their movements. The DonJoy Wrist Support was designed with this need in mind.

It’s extremely durable and can handle daily activities and low-impact sports. In addition, it’s also lightweight, which is another reason why people enjoy this right-hand wrist brace. Just because you have to wear a wrist brace, doesn’t mean it should prohibit you from living a normal life. Again, many people do complain that wrist braces cannot endure long days, as they start to become smelly and moist. However, DonJoy wrist support is latex-free, which means you won’t be having to take off your wrist brace due to excessive moisture and/or skin irritation. To maintain the wrist brace, you simply hand wash the brace and leave to air dry. In addition, the DonJoy wrist brace is reasonable in price and the quality of the product is quite high – so you’re getting yourself solid wrist support without breaking the bank.


Now that we looked at the Futuro Energizing Wrist Support Right Hand and the DonJoy ComfortFORM Wrist Support, we recommend that you go and try them out. Both are great products, however, one may fit you better than the other. It’s simply a matter of preference. When trying on a wrist brace, you want to make sure that you have some movement in your hand, however, if your wrist does not feel stabilized, try a different size. If your wrist is very immobilized but you feeling a tingling sensation, the wrist brace is on too tight. For this, either loosen the straps or try on a larger size. Take your time when trying on wrist braces, as this is essential for your rehabilitation. If you’re having problems deciding, we recommend that you then ask for assistance. Though regardless which right-hand wrist support you choose to buy, you won’t make a bad decision by picking one of these two options.

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