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Tag Archives: Treatment of Wrist Pain

Wrist Soreness from Boxing Training and Martial Arts

If you have just started the martial art training, then you might be facing problems related to wrist pains. In fact, most of the people face this problem in the beginning as nobody is used to punching heavy bags in general. But, it is not a good idea to quit the martial arts lessons. Rather, […]

How to Relieve Wrist Strain Caused by Typing?

Wrist pain can be really painful. However, you can relieve it using some easy tips. Following tips would help you to get rid of such pain and you would be able to use your computer again happily. Stretch a Bit You might have to type fast sometimes and this can be really tiring for your […]

What do you know about Magnet Therapy for Hand Irritation?

Hand and wrist pain might be really irritating sometimes. When nothing else works in your case, you can try using the magnet therapy for hand wrist pain. Magnet therapy is used for the treatment of many kinds of body pains. However, whether this therapy would work in your case is not sure. You have to […]

What Are The Exercises That Will Prevent Or Reduce Wrist Strain?

Various experts have researched on the subject and have come up with various exercises which would help you to reduce wrist pain. You should try the exercises mentioned here, but in case you do not see any difference within a few days, it would be a nice option to consult a therapist and ask for […]

What are the Pain Relief Tips?

The injury might be of any type, acute or overuse. In either of the types, you would need to do something so as to cure the pain. Typing is one activity which generally leads to pain. Such people need to exercise a lot, so that their wrists are strong enough to handle all the pressure. […]