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Tag Archives: Exercises for Wrist Pain

Knitting and Wrist ache – What is the relation between them?

The wrists might become painful when you knit something for days. Generally, the people who are experienced know the techniques to avoid it and they generally do not suffer from such kind of pain. But the beginners might suffer from extreme wrist pain. Some causes of wrist pain and methods to treat them have been […]

Irritation While Learning to Play Guitar

It is really fine for new players to observe that they encounter hand and wrist pain while learning to play guitar. In the event that you are an individual, then it might be even more challenging for you. Learning how to play guitar includes a great physical action for your arms, hands and fingers. But, […]

Wrist injuries – Causes – Know about them

Our wrist is a complex joint which consists of eight bones present between our arm and hand bones. Wrist pain is a common complaint due to regular wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to make a proper diagnosis of the cause of the wrist pain. Tendons connect muscles and bones. Any part of our […]

Why the symptoms and treatments are similar for Wrist Pain and DeQuervain’s Disease?

Before directly getting into the symptoms and treatments of Wrist Pain and DeQuervain’s Disease, you must learn about the similarities of these two wrist issues. Wrist pains might occur from any causes and DeQuervain’s Disease is just one of the major reasons. DeQuervain’s Disease relates to such a wrist pain condition which involves the inflammation […]

How to make prevention of the effects of pain during push-ups?

Nowadays, maximum gym trainers or health specialists are recommending their clients for avoiding waist pain pushups as much as possible in order to maintain the wrist health and condition. This might often happen that imbalance body weight, which you have focused towards your wrist during pushups as invited acute wrist pains and thus you must […]