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Role of Yoga for Hand and Carpus Pain Relief

Yoga is known to treat all kinds of pains, no matter what they are like. In case of hand and wrist pain too, you can go for yoga. However, you would need to choose such exercises which do not put more stress on your wrists. Keep in mind that if you do not get any effect after performing the yoga moves discussed here, you would have to see a doctor as soon as possible so that the problem does not grow further.

Also, you need to decide what the cause of wrist pain in your case is. In case it is related to some injury that occurred in the past, yoga is not at all recommended. But, if it has happened due to some strain such as spending more time on the computer, or activities like boxing and playing outdoor games, yoga is probably the best option. Before starting with the moves given here, remember that if you face any difficulty or pain in making a particular move, you should not continue it and consult a professional before doing it again. Keep in mind that the more you believe, better would be the results and then start the yoga.

Yoga for Hand and Wrist Pain ReliefMake Circles with Fists

This is a simple exercise and you should do it daily. You have to kneel down to the earth and then stretch your arms, on one side of the body. However, your shoulders should not be stressed in this position. They must be relaxed. Breathe out and then make fists, keep the fists as tight as you can and then breathe in. Then, make circles and flex your fingers as much as possible. This exercise can be repeated up to 10 times. The good thing about this move is that it could be done at any time of the day. So, you can just take a break from your work and do this exercise.

Upward Hands Pose

In this pose, you have to start with your back straight against the wall and your hands stretched outwards. Then, slowly, you have to take your hands to upwards position. Make sure that your hands are straight while doing these exercises and you have to remain in each position for at least 30 seconds. Then, stretch the hands to either side. Also, you do not have to arch your back in the entire process.

Upward Bound Fingers Pose

Remember, in this yoga, you would have to know how you can extend your arms on either side as well as upwards without creating stress on the Trapezius muscles of your body. You would need to snug your fingers so that they are interlocked. Remember, when you stretch your hands upwards, your palms should be facing the sky. Then, you would need to release the Trapezius muscles and stretch outwards. In the process, if you feel that the Trapezius muscles are getting tight, you have to wait till they get softened.

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