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Review of Tiger Paws Wrist Supports: Why we love them

There are lots of reasons why one must wear a wrist support. This could be due to a wrist or hand injury in the past or perhaps, you just want to achieve the proper positioning of your wrist so you can perform better in your sport, such as bowling, gymnastics, etc.

Whatever the reasons are, it is important that you choose the right brand of wrist support. Among the most recommended brands are the Tiger Paws. The brand is a trusted name for wrist supports, especially for gymnastic use. It features a unique insert symbol which controls the stiffness as well as the flex of wrist support, giving you the ability to play your sport with the right amount of support that you need. Furthermore, using this product helps to relieve pressure on your sensitive nerves which includes reducing pain as a result of repetitive stress and injuries. Read on to find out more about this product.

Benefits of Using the Wrist Support

In order to better understand what wrist supports are, it is best to understand the benefits that you can get from using the Tiger Paws. First of all, this product is designed for athletes, laborers, typists and people whose wrists, arms and hands have become tender and sore due to the activities they are frequently done with the use of their hands. The biggest benefit of using the wrist support is that it helps to relieve the pressure on your sensitive nerves. As a matter of fact, yogis, or those who practice yoga, will wear the brace regularly to keep them protected against wrist pain and injuries.

If you wear the device, it will keep your wrist in a straight position and this is how it helps to relieve the pain and sore that you are feeling in that area. Furthermore, it also allows gymnasts to be able to train longer without feeling any pain, thus, they could focus more in their chosen sport so they can perform at their best.

What Customers Say

You will find different reviews about Tiger Paws on Amazon. In order to know if the product is truly worth it, it is best to find out what other people have to say about it.

  • Perfect for Gymnasts
    In one review, a mother has stated how her gymnast daughter has benefited from the device. Her daughter has hurt her wrist some time ago and she has been suffering from the pain ever since. The device has provided the much needed support for her daughter’s wrist. Furthermore, she was very satisfied with the overall quality. It’s well made, but what really made her happy is the fact that her gymnast daughter never complained about wrist pain again after wearing the device.
  • Great for Yoga Enthusiasts
    A yoga enthusiast has also shared her experience of using the device. So far, she is very pleased with her overall experience. It helped to ease the pain on her wrist as a result of the injury she had suffered in the past. The only thing she noticed is that you might feel uncomfortable on the first few uses. But later on, she has gotten used to it and in fact, she finds it comforting to wear every time she practices her Yoga.
  • Durable and Adjustable
    Another customer has also reviewed the product as being durable and adjustable. As for her, the product is of excellent quality as it is really durable. What’s great is that you can easily adjust the amount of flex of the wrist band so you will feel comfortable wearing it.

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What Each Package Comes With

The product can be bought on Amazon and each package comes with a pair of the Tiger Paws, which means you will get two wrist supports. Each of the wrist support includes a replaceable foam pad support. Furthermore, it comes with two sets of rigid plastic stays that allow you to adjust the pad supports. You get to also choose the size, either small or medium. It’s best to check the product on Amazon and its included sizing guide so you can choose the right size for you.


Based on the reviews written above, it is safe to conclude that the product is indeed worth it as it comes with a lot of benefits. But just like with any product that you plan on buying at Amazon, you have to do a bit of research and if possible, get advice from professionals especially if you are using it for your sport. Some people wear it just because others wear it. But there are reasons why athletes wear Tiger Paws and not just because it is a trend. Therefore, make sure to do a bit of research before you decide to make a purchase and see if it is really something that you need.

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