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Knitting and Wrist ache – What is the relation between them?

The wrists might become painful when you knit something for days. Generally, the people who are experienced know the techniques to avoid it and they generally do not suffer from such kind of pain. But the beginners might suffer from extreme wrist pain. Some causes of wrist pain and methods to treat them have been discussed in this article.

The root of the problem

When the same motion is made again and again, the same muscles get stretched and this might cause a permanent pain in this muscle. Since muscles remain tight most of the time, the brain might think that tightness is normal and when you stop knitting, pain occurs. Less blood circulation might also be a cause for the wrist pain. Apart from that, a little bit damage occurs during knitting and it can also be a cause for the pain in the wrists and the hands.

Knitting and Wrist PainSome ways in which you can treat the pain caused due to knitting are:

Take frequent breaks

Taking breaks is perhaps the simplest thing to do when you develop pain in your wrists. However, it is not always possible to take a break. Sometimes, you might have a deadline. Or, there might be many circumstances which prevent you from taking a break. But, you need to learn how to manage your time. Remember, whenever you take a break, try to do some kind of wrist exercise so that the wrist moves in a different fashion. This would make sure that the same muscles are not stretched.

Choose Lighter Projects

If you feel that wrist pain is becoming a permanent problem in your case, you can go for lighter projects. With lighter projects, you would not have any kind of stress in mind and you would have lesser work to do. You can also choose such projects which require you to knit in a loose fashion. Such projects would not require much effort from your side and hence, the pain would be less. Loose knitting generally do not put much stress on your fingers and wrists.

Go for Metal Needles

The experts recommend using wooden needles in the very beginning as they provide better grip and they do not slip out of your hands. But, these needles are very painful as they put more pressure on your fingers and wrists. Once you become proficient in knitting, you can go for metal needles which do not put much pressure on the wrists. They are really helpful in case you have developed wrist pain but you still want to knit. However, you need to be careful while using them because the metal needles have higher chances of slipping. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the needles you are using should be of the right size. A lot of extra effort can be saved if the size of the needle is appropriate.

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