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Infrared Heating Pad review, warning: hot content!

infrared heating pad

If you’re suffering any pain, specifically neck and back pain, then you’ve probably tried a variety of painkillers and alternative treatments to help reduce your pain symptoms. If you’re tired of taking medication and wasting your money on ineffective therapies then you should consider using an infrared heat pad.

This form of therapy is known as Heat Therapy or Thermotherapy. Highly therapeutic, heat therapy increases the flexibility of collagen tissues, reduces pain and inflammation, decreases joint stiffness, reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow. The increase in blood flow allows the inflamed area to receive proper nutrition, protein, and oxygen which promotes healing. There are two types of heat therapy: Infrared Heat Therapy and Electric Heating Therapy.

We recommend infrared heating pads as opposed to conventional heating pads simply due to its effectiveness in reducing pain naturally. Let’s take a closer look at heat therapy.

Difference between Infrared Heating Pads and Conventional Heating Pads

Though these two are both forms of heat therapy, Infrared heating pads, and conventional heating pads differ greatly in effectiveness and health benefits.

Conventional Heating Pads

You’ve probably used this or have seen you mother or grandparents use this method of heat therapy. The conventional heating pads you can purchase at your local pharmacy and can be electric heating pads, hot water bottles, hot cloth or heat wraps. Much of the time when you injure yourself, you wrap a warm cloth around the area and that essentially heat therapy. Does it feel better after? Most likely yes, but the feeling doesn’t last long. This method places moist heat directly onto your skin to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Though it’s thought that moist heat therapy is more effective in transferring heat and warming body tissue, it’s only effective in the short-term. Why?

Conventional heating pads work by placing heat directly onto the affected area, however, the heat does not transfer deep into the muscle and/or tissue. Many people believe that moist heat is effective, however, there is no scientific evidence proving that it’s more effective than dry heat. The pain relief will most likely be felt during therapy however, the pain usually comes back moments after therapy thus, showing you its short-term pain relief and effectiveness. In addition, because the heat is being directly applied to the skin, this can cause burns to occur. However, since this is a well-known method for heat therapy, people continue to use it even though it’s not as effective as infrared.

Infrared Heating Pads

Infrared Heating pads differ than conventional pads and their relatively new technology. You’ve heard about infrared saunas and their amazing health benefits? Well, this is very similar. Essentially, infrared heating pads use the same infrared rays from the sun. It’s important to understand that the pad does not emit ultraviolet rays, only infrared rays. Infrared heating pads use natural jade stones or carbon fibers which work to emit infrared rays.The rays are emitted from the pad and are able to penetrate deep into your muscles and/or tissue creating long-term pain and inflammation reduction.

Because these heat rays go fully through the body, they can improve not only joint and muscle pain but also assist in improving the function of your heart, lungs, immune system and other vital organs. Instead of applying direct heat to the skin, it works by sending infrared waves slowly through the body, raising the body’s surface temperature gradually. This is more than just a heating pad to reduce joint and muscle pain, it actually provides an extensive list of benefits when using it.

Benefits of infrared heating pad

So what are the health benefits when using infrared heating pads? Good question, because it’s not only designed for one specific purpose.

Pain Relief
Of course, one of the main functions of infrared heating pads is pain-relief. Because the heating pad is emitting infrared rays, it’s able to penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation in the affected area. This form of therapy will work for those suffering from:

  • Joint pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint stiffness
  • Sport injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Muscle and ligament tears
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tennis elbow
  • Muscle spasms
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Hemorrhoids

In addition to pain relief, a infrared heating pad have been used for full body detox therapy, weight loss, improving immunity strength, reducing stress and promoting a restful sleep. So, what should you be purchasing that will give you the best results? Or short, what is the best heating pad out there? Well below you can find the winner!

Advantages of Far Infrared Heating Pad

One of the best-infrared heating pads on the market is the Far Infrared Heating Pad. The jade stone heats up to a specific temperature and delivers a steady and gentle pulse of infrared rays to the affected area.
The infrared heat can penetrate deeply through the muscles and can go up to 6 inches deep into the muscle tissue. The pad is 31×21 inches and contains 126 pieces of natural jade stone. What’s great about the UTK Healing Jade Mat is that it’s easy to use. This mat comes with a simply designed, digital controller that also has auto shut-off.So, if you happen to fall asleep, you don’t have to worry about any hazards from occurring.

In addition to the mat providing temporary relief from muscle pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and arthritis, the negative ions featured on this healing mat also assists in relieving stress and boosting your natural energy. It’s also very lightweight, so you’ll be able to take your healing mat on the plane – wherever and however you decide to travel, it can roll up into your bag. If you’re looking for pain relief methods that actually works, then we highly recommend the Far Infrared Heating Pad.

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