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How to Treat and Prevent Wrist Discomfort?

For those people who use the computer for long hours, from morning to evening and sometimes till late night, wrist pain might be a regular problem. This can be taken lightly if it happens just once or twice, but if you feel that there was pain in your wrists for the entire week, you should become serious about it. It is obvious that you would not want to contact the doctor for the very first time since this is not any injury. You can try various tricks or the home made remedies. Read the following tips to treat and prevent wrist pain:

How to Treat and Prevent Wrist PainStop Using the Wrists

Though it might sound stupid, sometimes this might be the only option available. Try to understand that it is a serious situation and further problems might occur if you do not get serious soon. If you can manage to work without using a computer, try to stay away from it for some days. Not only the computer, but you should stay away from all such activities which involve wrist work and might put strain on your wrists. This would enhance recovery and give your wrists the much needed rest. If this tip works, well and good otherwise you might need to see a doctor.

Use Bandages and Braces

Braces and wristbands are a good option to go for if you are facing problems due to wrist pain. You can find these at the local medical shops and if you live in a backward area, you can order them online. If this is a strain, it would be handled in a few days with the help of bandages, but in case it is more than that, you would need to see a doctor after some days. Wrist bandages are a better option than the pain medications as they do not have any risk of side effects, but they do not work for everybody.

Pain Medication

Keep praying to God that it does not turn out to be arthritis. However, if it does, you should not panic and just follow the medication schedule. The doctor would give you a good medication schedule which would involve many pain killers. Swelling might also occur in some of the cases. If you see swelling on your wrist and hands, it would be good to contact a doctor as soon as possible and get the right medication prescribed for it.


Peppermint Oil Rub

Peppermint oil is very powerful and it would extract out all kinds of pain. So, you can just rub it against your wrists and get relief from pain instantly. However, if you feel a burning sensation in your wrists while applying the peppermint oil, it would be a good idea to mix some kind of oil in the peppermint oil and then rub it on your wrists. Your wrists might become numb for a few minutes, but after that, everything would be alright.

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