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How to Relieve Wrist Strain Caused by Typing?

Wrist pain can be really painful. However, you can relieve it using some easy tips. Following tips would help you to get rid of such pain and you would be able to use your computer again happily.

Stretch a Bit

You might have to type fast sometimes and this can be really tiring for your fingers. However, if you take breaks in between and perform some stretching exercises, the pain can be relieved. Nobody can write well with painful fingers. Hence, it’s better to take a break and stretch instead. When you would return to work, you would be able to perform efficiently.  You can also massage your fingers and wrists during the break. This would improve blood flow and ease the pain.

How to Relieve Wrist Pain Caused by TypingAdjust the Keyboard

Most of the standard keyboards come in such a position that your wrist would be in an unnatural position and hence, they would feel pain. An additional amount of strain is caused. Ergonomic keyboard is a good solution for this kind of issue. These keyboards are specially designed so that people do not feel pain during and after typing. They are slightly sloped from the middle. You can use a fixed ergonomic keyboard if you use a desktop. If you use a laptop, you can use such an ergonomic keyboard which can get attached with the laptop using the USB drive.

Take Breaks in Between

Small and frequent breaks would not hinder your work. Rather, it would increase your efficiency. Every 60 minutes, try to stop for 5 minutes and let your hands rest. This would give time to the wrists to relax themselves and the pain would be relieved. Do not just sit in front the computer during those 5 minutes of break. Just get up, move around, eat something if you feel like, drink water because drinking water is never harmful, talk to your girlfriend, or do whatever you want to do, just do not sit in front of the system.

Check your Sitting Position

The inappropriate sitting position is a major culprit in the case of wrist pain. You might think that it is only the back pain which is related to the sitting position and not the wrist pain, but this is not so. Even the wrists can pain due to the sitting position. Never slouch while working, just sit straight. This position makes sure that your arms are in a downward slope. If your chair and table do not permit you to sit straight, then you should consider changing your table and chair.

Wrist Wrap Might be Helpful

If you have regular problems of wrist pain, you can use wrist wrap. If you worry that it might not impart a nice impression on your colleagues, don’t worry, they come in stylish designs and patterns. You can consult a professional if you don’t know what kind of wrist band would be suitable for you.

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