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The ultimate gaming wrist brace, does it exist?

Wrist injuries are becoming all too frequent and common nowadays. However, many people think that wrist injuries are from intense sports, such as tennis, but that’s not the case anymore. Repetitive movement of the wrists are not only isolated to playing tennis or ping pong. Now, long days in front of the computer, typing or gaming, can heavily contribute to wrist injuries. These repetitive movements cause strain on your muscles which result in wrist injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
These types of injuries result in trauma to the wrist joints and tendons which cause them to swell and inflame, thus the extreme pain. However, you can prevent this from occurring. If you’re spending your days in front of the computer, we recommend that you purchase a wrist brace.

Wrist braces are designed to support and remove extra stress from the wrists. You’re probably asking yourself, how do wrist braces work, though? We have the answer.

Wrist braces immobilize the joint and give your wrists extra heat and compression to the joint and tendons. With the extra heat and compression, it helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling. In addition, the immobilization of your wrist reduces the extra strain and stress that is added to it. We decided to take a look at some of the best wrist braces to wear is you’re big into gaming. Long hours in front of the computer or television with the combination of repetitive movement can cause problems with your wrists. So let’s take a look at the gaming wrist braces that are currently on the market.

Imak Computer Glove

There is a difference between a wrist brace and wrist support. A wrist brace immobilizes the wrist, giving it restricted movement. However, a wrist support allows your hand to move freely and simply relieves extra stress from your wrist.

The Imak Computer Glove is an excellent wrist support if you’re using a laptop or computer. If you have no pain or minimal pain, then prevent an injury from occurring by wearing the Imak Computer Glove. The cushion surrounding your wrist acts as a support and helps protect your wrist from direct contact with your PC or laptop. Though the cushion does a great job at protecting your wrists, it also allows your wrists to move freely while keeping them in an ergonomic position.

By keeping your wrists in an ergonomic position, it decreases stress and strain in your wrist’s joints and tendons, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This product is best used prior to actually being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When you’re gaming for long periods of time, by slipping this wrist support on, you’ll be preventing quite a painful wrist injury. This wrist support comes in one size and is also reversible so you can wear it on both hands. You simply just slip it on and continue with your daily activities. The Imak Computer Glove is also extremely easy to maintain. When it needs a good cleaning, simply throw it in the wash on delicate or hand wash it and leave to air dry.

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NEW:Day or Night Splint for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you’re experiencing extreme pain in your wrists from gaming, then we recommend you invest in purchasing a gaming wrist brace. Our Soft Day/Night Wrist Brace is a fully adjustable brace that immobilizes your wrist providing protection and relief. Though it immobilizes your wrist movement, you will still have full range of motion in your thumbs and fingers. This range of motion makes it ideal for those using a computer for typing or gaming.

If you have pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, weak wrists or any other wrist injury this is a great option. This brace is designed to reduce the pain while allowing you to still continue your daily activities. The great part about this gaming wrist brace is that it’s adjustable and ambidextrous.

If you have large or slim wrists, not a problem, the Soft brace will ergonomically support and stabilize wrists of all sizes. Many people complain that their wrist brace is often too moist underneath, causing discomfort and even rashes for the users. It is latex-free and made from lightweight and breathable materials. Meaning, you will be able to wear this brace all day long without feeling any discomfort or excessive moisture. If you need to wash it, you simply place it in a gentle cycle or hand wash it and leave to air dry. In addition, it’s also easy to use and you can put it on single-handedly, by first placing your thumb into the hole and the wrapping the strap to your comfort.

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It takes time for people to get used to the idea of wearing a wrist brace. However, this is the best way to non-invasively support and reduce the pain in your wrists. Don’t think you have to stop doing what you like because of your wrist injury. By providing your wrists with the necessary support, you’ll be able to continue doing your sports and daily activities with comfort and ease.

The best thing to do is to try on the gaming wrist brace and see how it feels. If your hand is feeling a tingling sensation, the brace is too tight. If you have too much movement in your wrists, your brace is too big. Don’t be afraid to read reviews when buying gaming wrist braces, get the right size and your wrists will thank you.

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