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Category Archives: Wrist pain prevention

Role of Yoga for Hand and Carpus Pain Relief

Yoga is known to treat all kinds of pains, no matter what they are like. In case of hand and wrist pain too, you can go for yoga. However, you would need to choose such exercises which do not put more stress on your wrists. Keep in mind that if you do not get any […]

How to prevent Wrist injuries while bodybuilding?

Only experienced bodybuilders can easily avoid Wrist pain while bodybuilding and so if you are a beginner, then you must need to take thorough training first for learning the best means of lifting weights otherwise you will not be able to prevent this particular problem. Major source of injuries during bodybuilding •    Incorrect techniques of […]

How to make prevention of the effects of pain during push-ups?

Nowadays, maximum gym trainers or health specialists are recommending their clients for avoiding waist pain pushups as much as possible in order to maintain the wrist health and condition. This might often happen that imbalance body weight, which you have focused towards your wrist during pushups as invited acute wrist pains and thus you must […]