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Category Archives: Wrist Pain And Massage

Red Light Therapy, the buyers guide

Red led light therapy

What is it? You may have heard about LED lights when you’re trying to figure out what light bulbs to use in your home or what Christmas tree lights to buy. But, actually, you can use LED light as a form of physical therapy. LED light therapy is designed to relief joint pain, arthritis, muscle […]

Infrared Heating Pad review, warning: hot content!

infrared heating pad

If you’re suffering any pain, specifically neck and back pain, then you’ve probably tried a variety of painkillers and alternative treatments to help reduce your pain symptoms. If you’re tired of taking medication and wasting your money on ineffective therapies then you should consider using an infrared heat pad.

This is the best over the counter anti inflammatory cream

over the counter anti inflammatory

If you’re currently an athlete or suffer from previous injuries, then you should consider investing in a cream to help reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints. Inflammation can be caused by an overuse of a specific muscle group. For example, tennis players typically have inflammation in their elbows called, “tennis elbow”, which is caused […]

How to Relieve Wrist Strain Caused by Typing?

Wrist pain can be really painful. However, you can relieve it using some easy tips. Following tips would help you to get rid of such pain and you would be able to use your computer again happily. Stretch a Bit You might have to type fast sometimes and this can be really tiring for your […]

How to Treat and Prevent Wrist Discomfort?

For those people who use the computer for long hours, from morning to evening and sometimes till late night, wrist pain might be a regular problem. This can be taken lightly if it happens just once or twice, but if you feel that there was pain in your wrists for the entire week, you should […]