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Category Archives: Causes of Wrist Pain

Pinched Nerve in Wrist? Here’s What to Do

If you’re feeling pain or discomfort in your wrist area, there’s a very good chance that there’s a pinched nerve in the wrist. It’s hard to say for sure without a proper diagnosis from a specialist, but this article can serve as your guide to at least give you an idea on what you’re dealing […]

Knitting and Wrist ache – What is the relation between them?

The wrists might become painful when you knit something for days. Generally, the people who are experienced know the techniques to avoid it and they generally do not suffer from such kind of pain. But the beginners might suffer from extreme wrist pain. Some causes of wrist pain and methods to treat them have been […]

What are The Many Causes? A deeper look into the root problems

Wrists are an important part of our body. The modern lifestyle is incomplete without spending a considerable time of the day on the computer. However, activities such as typing and clicking all day long might produce pain in the wrists. Apart from that, activities such as playing tennis or badminton in which the same part […]

What Are The Exercises That Will Prevent Or Reduce Wrist Strain?

Various experts have researched on the subject and have come up with various exercises which would help you to reduce wrist pain. You should try the exercises mentioned here, but in case you do not see any difference within a few days, it would be a nice option to consult a therapist and ask for […]

What are the Pain Relief Tips?

The injury might be of any type, acute or overuse. In either of the types, you would need to do something so as to cure the pain. Typing is one activity which generally leads to pain. Such people need to exercise a lot, so that their wrists are strong enough to handle all the pressure. […]