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This is the best over the counter anti inflammatory cream

over the counter anti inflammatory

If you’re currently an athlete or suffer from previous injuries, then you should consider investing in a cream to help reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints. Inflammation can be caused by an overuse of a specific muscle group. For example, tennis players typically have inflammation in their elbows called, “tennis elbow”, which is caused […]

The ultimate gaming wrist brace, does it exist?

Wrist injuries are becoming all too frequent and common nowadays. However, many people think that wrist injuries are from intense sports, such as tennis, but that’s not the case anymore. Repetitive movement of the wrists are not only isolated to playing tennis or ping pong. Now, long days in front of the computer, typing or […]

The Top 3 wrist braces for carpal tunnel

As an active individual, whether it is in regards to your work/profession and/or frequently participating in athletic, it is important that you properly maintain the health of your hands/wrists. When consistent pressure is applied to your hands it can cause medical problems that have long-term implications.

The best right wrist brace picks by us: right hand special

It’s very common in today’s society for people to suffer from wrist pain. Repetitive activities such as typing specific sports can aid in chronic wrist pain. These repetitive movements cause your joints to swell and your muscles to inflame – trust us, it’s no fun. Since you use your wrist for all your daily activities, […]